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Bikini Waxing Kit
Perfect for at home hair removal
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AUD $124.95

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Our bikini waxing kit is ideal for sensitive areas like bikini and brazilian waxing.

Tailored to include everything you need to start waxing straight away.
A small and compact kit that stores easily.
Uses Bodytreats Premium quality wax and accessories.

The Kit contains:

  • Beauty Pro 450cc Genie Wax Pot
  • 500gm Hot Wax Cubes - Beauty Salon Quality Wax
  • 125ml Pre Wax prep - spray bottle to prepare the skin for waxing
  • 125ml After Wax lotion - spray bottle let you clean up any after wax residue and calm the skin
  • 125ml Ingrown Hair Serum with Aloe Vera
  • Bag of 20 pieces of wooden spatulas medium 
  • 20 pieces of thin spatulas
  • Stainless Steel tweezers to help remove any stubborn hairs
  • 130gm Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
  • Sample pot of Shea Body Butter
  • Available in 5 flavours
  • All products Made in Australia


Firstly to get the ideal waxing result and smooth pampered skin you should be exfoliating regularly. Body scrub removes dry and flaky skin and also keeps any ingrown hairs at bay.

We recommend using our Body Polish 24 hours before you wax 
When waxing you can get a good result from hair as short as 1mm.  However, ideally it should be around 3mm. When you are doing your bikini wax make sure you trim your hair back with scissors first.
This makes waxing less messy and gives more control over your waxing.

The first thing to do is spray the area to be waxed with the Pre Wax Prep.
This is an essential step in cleansing the skin prior to waxing.
It removes any sweat, makeup and body oils and prevents any contamination from entering the hair follicle.
Spray liberally with the Pre Wax which will leave the skin fresh, hygienic and ready to wax.
This important step will clean and create a good bonding for the wax to adhere to the skin.

Heat the wax in the wax pot making sure you get the correct temperature.  The wax should be a thick consistency and stay on the spatula and not run off.
Make sure you test the wax temperature on a small patch like your arm first; to make sure the wax is not too hot. 
Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Wait till the wax dries, pressing the wax firmly into the skin, then in a smooth, quick action flick off.
It is better to apply the wax in smaller sections than one large section.  Work methodically and quickly.  This will give a better result than trying to wax one large area at once.
Hold the skin taut as you flick away the wax. A smooth fast action will get rid of more hairs quickly and evenly.

Ideally it is best not to wax over the top of an area that is already waxed more than once or twice at the most as this can irritate the skin.  
Once you have completed your waxing you are ready for your after care!

Do not worry if your skin is red as this is normal.  It is just the blood coming to the surface of the skin and should reduce down very quickly.

Our after Wax Oils will help calm the skin after waxing.

Spray liberally all over and massage gently into the skin.  It will soothe the skin and also remove any sticky after wax residue.

Our After Wax oil has soothing nourishing emollients with Vitamin E, an anti oxidant with proven healing properties.
If you spill any wax we recommend our Wax Remover which will dissolve the wax on any floors or benches so you can easily clean it up.
It’s now the end of your waxing session and you should have smooth hair free skin that is soft and pampered to the touch.

Name : Sandy
Location :
Title :
Review : Never used sugar scrub before & I love it. And the ingrown hair serum is a godsend for me. This kit is excellent - love everything!

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title : Pot is small and compact, good quality wax, no redness and removed all hair
Review : 1 month Pot is small and compact, good quality wax, no redness and removed all hair None Kathleen

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