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All over body waxing kit.
Pefect for waxing men & women. This kit has everything needed for all over body waxing.
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AUD $224.95

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King of the Waxing Kits

Our big, professional waxing kit is all about jumbo size value.

  • Perfect for leg waxing
  • Arm Waxing
  • Facial Waxing
  • Underarm Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Bikini Waxing
  • All over body Waxing
  • Ideal for waxing men & women

Our King of the Kits is probably our most popular kit.
It is our premium hair removal waxing kit featuring top of the line products at a great value price.
It has everything you need for every kind of hair removal you need.
This King of the Kits is designed for all over body waxing and more.

The Strip Wax:
Our wax is a beauty salon quality wax which is popular across all beauty salons in Australia and New Zealand. Beautifully transparent it is available in our 5 signature fragrances.
Ultra thin, you only need the smallest amount to get the greatest result.
The Strip Wax comes in a 1.1KG tub which is easy to use.  Just pop in the microwave to loosen the wax until it is like a thin “honey” like consistency and then pour straight into the wax pot.  Easy and practical to apply it leaves no sticky residue.
All our strip waxes are infused with gorgeous fragrances to uplift the senses and provide a relaxing and calming ambience.

The strip wax is perfect for hair removal as it will remove hair from as little as a few millimetres and works on the softest to the strongest growth.  Strip wax is ideal for legs, arms, back, chest areas. 
Once you have poured the Strip Wax into the Bodytreats wax heater it will keep the temperature at a constant level allowing you optimum control over the wax for a great finish.

Hot Wax Cubes
Our Hot Wax Cubes are quite famous!
Before we designed our cubes wax used to come in old fashioned solid blocks which you had to break up with a hammer!
Our cubes are so easy to use, pre-broken into 4cm cubes that pop out easily straight into the waxing pot.  And they come in a hardy snap lock box for easy storage.

The wax is flexible and infused with our signature fragrances which are designed to relax and uplift the senses. This is the wax for facial, underarm, bikini or any sensitive areas. Whether you want to wax just an eyebrow or the bikini just put as many cubes as required into the pot and melt.
When heated the wax should be a thick consistency that stays on the spatula without running off before it is applied to the skin.
You don’t need paper strips with this wax as you apply the wax with the spatula, patting down firmly with your hands and flick off.  

Wax pot insert.
The kit includes an extra wax pot insert so you can switch between the waxes quickly and easily.
Our metal wax pot inserts are durable with strong plastic handle and convenient wiper bar.  You can also buy extra wax pot inserts if you like having several different types of wax.  The inserts fit the Bodytreats wax heater perfectly.

Your all over body waxing kit contains:
1x 1 litre Bodytreats wax pot (includes insert)
1 x wax pot insert - (extra so you can swap between waxes)
1x 1 kg Hot Wax cubes
1x 850g Ultra thin Strip Wax
1 x 50 metre calico roll
1 x 500ml wax remover – this dissolves any spilt wax.
1x 1 pk of 100 spatulas
1x pk of 100 brow beaters
1 x 125ml Pre Wax Prep Spray – essential to clean the skin before waxing
1 x 125ml After Wax Oil – cleans up any after wax residue and calms the skin.

This hair removal waxing kit truly is King of the Kits!
It’s everything you need to achieve smooth, pampered skin over the whole body.


Name : kadlin08
Location :
Title :
Review : I love this wax. Easy to work with and smells fantastic

Name : Willow - waxing enthusiast
Location :
Title :
Review : This is great value. A lot of quality stuff for a good price. I recommend.

Name : Jane
Location :
Title :
Review : Just got it. Love it. Love the oils smells delicious and the wax really does the job.

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : 3 weeks Bec

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title : products lasts for ages
Review : a year products lasts for ages the hot wax sometimes sells out so fast Julie

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