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Leg & Arm Waxing Kit
Perfect wax kit for all general areas like legs, arms, back & chest.
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AUD $110.00

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Leg & Arm Waxing Kit.

Waxing is made quick and easy with our Leg & Arm, no mess, Home Waxing Kit. 

  • Ideal for waxing legs, arms, back, chest - any of the larger areas of the body.
  • Roll on heater means no mess, fast & convenient
  • Kit contains everything you need to wax immediately
  • Do your legs in approx 40 mins
  • Perfect for mens back and chest areas too

With this kit you have everything you need to start waxing straight away.
If you want beauty salon results at home this is the kit for you.

No mess, no fuss. Our roll on heater is fast and convenient.
Our leg & arm waxing kit is lets you wax where and when you want.
Heats the wax cartridge in minutes to the correct temperature. 

The Wax Heater:
It’s small, robust and heats the wax quickly.
It maintains a constant heat so the wax will continue to glide easily from the wax cartridge.
You can also chain up to 6 units together.  This is ideal if you are a mobile therapist or beauty therapist dealing with multiple customers.
If you are a home user its light and compact size let you store it away easily in the bathroom cabinet.

To use just plug into a power point  and heat the wax cartridge in minutes and the wax is ready to go.
Our roll on waxing heater is perfect to use on all general areas like chest, legs, arms & back.
It is not suitable for use on the face, head, breast, or bikini areas.

The Wax:
Our wax is beauty salon quality.  The wax comes in disposable 100ml cartridges that are used once only.  When finished you simply throw away the empty cartridge.  The wax is ultra thin which lets it glide on easily.  You apply in a thin film and take off with our Superlace strips.
The smallest amount is needed to get the best possible result.
Our wax is used in beauty salons across Australia and is suitable for all skin types.

Pre Wax Prep:
Our waxing kit contains Pre Wax Prep - essential for cleansing the skin prior to waxing.
It removes makeup and body oils and prevents cross contamination.
Spray with the uplifting Bodytreats fragrances knowing the skin is left cool, fresh and hygienic.  Using the Pre Wax prep is an important step in making sure the wax adheres to the skin correctly.

After Wax Oils:
After waxing you will need to clean up any after wax residue.
Our After Wax Oils are perfect for this.
Spray liberally to soothe the skin with rich, nourishing emollients.
Our After Wax Oils will help calm the skin.  They contain Vitamin E, an anti oxidant with proven moisturising and healing properties.
Your skin will feel soft, smooth and pampered.

Your Leg & Arm Waxing kit includes:

- 1 x Wax Cartridge Heater
- 1 x Wax Cartridges
- 1 x 125ml pre wax preparation in spray bottle
- 1 x 125ml after wax solution in spray bottle
- 1 x large pack of 100 waxing strips
- 1 x 50ml body lotion to soothe and pamper the skin


All you need to do now is choose your flavour!

The Leg & Arm Home Waxing Kit gives the perfect result - soft pampered skin which lasts for up to 4 weeks.
Choose beauty salon quality products for exceptional results every time.

Cartridge Heater runs on 240v power.
All Bodytreats products are made in Australia.

Cleaning the Heater:

WARNING: Do not leave wax remover on the pot as it could crack or discolour the plastic.
Clean up the wax while the heater is still warm and remove quickly as the solvent is strong and could damage or crack the plastic. 
Our wax remover is made from orange peel oil and is non harmful to the environment.

When cleaning your wax pot use the After Wax Oil mixed with the solvent.
We suggest a 50% split.
This will clean up your pot without damaging the plastic surface of the pot.


Name : Grace
Location :
Title :
Review : Just bought this and love it. Its easy to use. The wax gets all the hair off. And the oil at the end makes my legs shimmer.

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title : Quick, easy, convenient, no mess
Review : I've had it for two days Quick, easy, convenient, no mess No cons to name! Bec

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : 2 months easy and quick to use. No mess so love it! Kym

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : Too easy, no mess, no pain, and you save heaps

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title : easy to use, rolls on real easy, very good quality wax and wax strips
Review : 1 month easy to use, rolls on real easy, very good quality wax and wax strips wish I had found this product sooner! Sarah

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : Using 3 months now No mess, fast and convenient have not found any cons yet Billie

is this wax okay on the bikini area, i would like to do my own xxx but am afraid i will get the wrong product. will this be gentle enough on my skin down there?

Hi there, our hot wax cubes are designed for waxing sensitive areas like face, bikiini or doing brazillians. You will need to buy the wax pot heater to melt the wax as they are not suitable to be melted any other way. Any further question, just let us know.

Hi, is the home waxing kit suitable for pubic hair, male & female, Thanks

Yes, the hot wax kit which comes with the hot wax cubes is designed for use on sensitive areas such as face, bikini and Brazilians. It can be used on males or females.

Hi there, Do you have any non fragranced products for sensitive skin? Do you ship to New Zealand? If so, What is the estimated delivery time? Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Ninon

Hi all our wax has a small amount of fragrance to cover the waxy smell and provide a pleasant waxing experience. The amount of fragrance used is very small. Most people, including those with sensitive skin have no problem with our wax. If you are in New Zealand you can contact our distributor over there: Youth Beauty - email ilse@youthbeauty.co.nz I hope this helps, regards Carlie

How hot should you have the heater?

You can set the heater to 6 (maximum) The cartridge will heat up in about 15mins. If you find it too hot you can take it down a bit - but most people find 6 is perfect. Regards, Carlie.

How hot should I have the heater?

I would usually have the heater set to maximum 6. I only takes about 15mins for the cartridge to fully heat up. It you find that too hot you can usually take it down a little. But 6 is usually perfect

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