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Glycerine Soap Box
A favourite with the men. Glycerine Soap won't dry out your skin. It can be used as an everyday cleanser.
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AUD $24.95

Glycerine Soap has many benefits:

  • Sensitive Skin People with sensitive skin find that glycerine is gentle on their complexion.
  • Skin Disorders Those who suffer from such skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, can help relieve symptoms by washing with glycerine.
  • All-Ages Cleanser Because it's gentle on the skin, glycerine soap can be used by people of all ages as an everyday cleanser on the face as well as all over the body.
  • Dissolves Easily This soap quickly dissolves in water, making it easy to wash off.
    It doesn't leave behind a film like heavier soaps do.
    And it won't leave soap scum in the shower!

Glycerine Soap can be used as an every day moisturiser
Glycerin is a humectant  meaning is draws moisture towards itself. When you use glycerine on your face, it attracts moisture towards your skin and locks the water molecules there. This keeps your skin hydrated constantly and gives it a moist feeling.
Regular use of glycerine soaps can make your skin softer and suppler.

Glycerine can benefit people with Skin Disorders
People with skin issues like eczema or psoriasis find it very difficult to choose the right soap. The slightest amount of chemicals in their soaps can aggravate their condition. Glycerine soap is very mild and gentle on the skin so it is perfect for everyday use.

Use it on the face as a cleanser
Glycerine soap can be a very good cleanser for your face and can help you get rid of the extra oils and dirt that clogs your skin. It is also effective for acne prone skin and helps keep the acne at bay.

So if you experience dry or scaly skin, eczema or prefer a moisturising soap that won't dry out your skin, our Glycerine Soaps are for you.
They have a neutral ph balance so it won't irritate the skin.
A simple but affordable soap for people who love lathering up in a soft, cleansing foamy soaps everyday, without damaging your skin.

Perfect for daily use.

Our soap box comes in 5 sparkling clear colours. 
Eash soap is 100gms.

100% Australian Made

Name : Janine
Location :
Title :
Review : I buy this for my husband. He has very dry skin and its the ONLY soap that does not irritate his skin. Well worth it

Name : Alison Jensen-Smith
Location :
Title :
Review : I buy this every year for all the men I need to buy a gift for at Xmas. Its perfect, they love it & the soap is beautiful. Easy Chrissy shopping!

Name : Paul
Location :
Title :
Review : I buy a couple of boxes of these every few months. the only thing that does not make my skin tight after washing. it's good.

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : using about 1 year Has everything you want & need in a soap ....thinking..but cant come up with any cons! Jess

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