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Wax Remover - 500 ml
Cleans up spilt wax floors. Use to clean Wax Pots.
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AUD $24.95

Easily remove sticky Wax from floors, wax pots and benches.

Our 500 ml Orange citrus Wax Remover is an effective wax remover that cleans up sticky wax residue off floors, benches and pots quickly and efficiently. 
It will effectively dissolve all spilt wax.
Pefect to use on wax pots when they need a good cleaning.
The solvent thoroughly dissolves all sticky wax surfaces leaving a fresh citrus smell and hygeniecally clean surface.

WARNING: Do not leave the wax remover on the pot as it could crack or discolour the plastic, clean up the wax while the heater is still warm and remove quickly as the solvent is strong and could damage or crack the plastic.
Our wax remover is made from orange peel oil and is non harmful to the environment.

When cleaning your wax pot use the After Wax Oil mixed with the solvent. 
We suggest a 50% split.
This will clean up your pot without damaging the plastic surface of the pot

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Does this wax remover crack wax pots?

Hi, thank you for the question. the best way to clean the wax pot is with the wax remover - but mix it with 50% of the After Wax Oil. That way you will not damage the plastic.

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