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Wax Pot 1 litre. Excellent Value. Totally Reliable.
Free Hot Wax Cubes with every wax pot ordered!
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AUD $86.00
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AUD $74.95
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Free Gift: 300gm Bodytreats Hot Wax Cubes with every wax pot ordered!
Bodytreats 1 litre wax pots.  Excellent Value. Totally Reliable.

Features at a glance:

Lock in lid and drip tray/base

Two removable base/collars.

Removable wax pot insert with wiper bar.

Thermostatically controlled.

White high-grade plastic construction for durability and long life.

Large carry handle.

Super easy to use:

Remove the lid.
Fill the pot with your wax.
Plug into the power supply and press the on/off switch.
Move the temperature control clockwise to a setting suitable for the type of wax you are melting, after which the thermostat will automatically switch the unit off and on and maintain the chosen heat setting.

Quick Waxing Tip:  Start off with a lower temperature until you have established the ideal working temperature for your chosen wax.
We suggest that the thermostat is kept at this setting and the power switch is used to turn the wax pot on and off.
The heater should be turned on approximately 20 minutes beforehand to let the wax reach the optimum working temperature. 

Design Features and Functions:

The heater features removable sealed insert designed for direct pouring of waxes into the wax pot.
Our wax pot makes it easy to switch between a variety of waxes with our removable inserts.  Your wax pot comes with one wax pot insert, but you can also buy additional inserts if you are using a few different styles of wax.
Just lift out one wax insert and lift in the other.  
This is a fast and efficient way of changing over wax types.

The heaters have a wide range of operating temperatures designed to suit all types of waxes: strip waxes, hot wax cubes and paraffin waxes.

The heaters are beautifully moulded in high resistant, durable materials with accurate controls and setting for simple operations and ease of use.

Functions include:

• 1000cc capacity heat chambers
• Thermostatically controlled
• Moulded in durable heat resistant material
• Supplied with fitted plug
• CE approved
• On/Off switch for controlling power supply
• Thermostat indicator light
• Temperature regulator control
• Protective Lid

The heater should only be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner specifically formulated for the removal of wax.  This will maintain the heater in optimum condition and increase its working life span.

Do not use other solvents as they could damage the heater and could cause toxic fumes when the heater is operated.
Wax spilt onto the plastic casing of the heater should be wiped off immediately. 
If the wax is allowed to cool and harden removal will be more difficult.

QUICK TIP:  If you are using our wax remover to clean your wax pot we recommend you mix some After Wax oil with your wax remover as this will not be as harsh on the outer plastic.  50% wax remover with 50% Bodytreats After Wax Oil will keep your pot at its sparkling best.

Safety Notes:

  • Do not immerse the unit in water or use in an area where the unit could be splashed.
  • Always unplug the heater before cleaning and ensure that cleaning fluid is used sparingly.
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth so no cleaning residue is left on the plastic.
  • The heating element is capable of producing a very high temperature; therefore never move the heater while the wax is hot.
  • Never have the heater switched on while there is no wax in the unit.
  • Never use surgical spirit for cleaning as this will erode the plastic casing of the unit and cause damage.

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Review : Love my new wax pot. Used to microwave my wax, but now this makes waxing soooo much easier. And I just keep the wax in the pot until next time. Highly recommended.

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Review : I have had my pot for 8 weeks now. It keeps the wax hot - and at a constant temp. Makes everything so much easier. Cons - none at all Melissa

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Review : love it, love everything about bodytreats, this is just another bubblybabex91

how much is the shipping fee? i live in campbelltown, sydney. 2560

Hi Jessica, Add the wax pot to the cart. On the right hand side under Shopping Cart you will see Calculate shipping. Follow the prompts. It will ask country and post code and then calculate the cost for you. Let me know if you have a problem. Kind Regards, Carlie.