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Hot Wax Cubes 1KG
Perfect for waxing face, eyebrow, bikini, brazillian and all sensitive areas
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Perfect for waxing face, eyebrow, bikini, brazillian and all sensitive areas
  • No need for paper strips, just peel off with your hand
  • In convenient, pre broken cubes for ease of use
  • Extremely pliable, but strong enough to remove even the most stubborn hair

Waxing is one of the most popular and cost effective methods of hair removal for the most sensitive parts of your body.  It is simple to do and gives optimum results with smooth hair free skin for weeks at a time.  You can easily perform Hot Wax hair removal at home quite comfortably.  You just need the correct products like our famous Hot Wax cubes, Bodytreats Wax pot, wooden spatula, pre and after care – plus a little time.
And if you are new to waxing a little patience too!
Bodytreats was the first to design hot wax in convenient cubes for ease of use when waxing.
In 4cm non-stick squares our waxes are stored in handy 1 kilo, snap lock boxes that store easily away in the bathroom cabinet.

All you need to do is open the box and pop the cubes into the wax pot.
Plus our hot waxes are gently infused with soothing fragrances to relax the senses.
They contain contemporary ingredients like Titanium Dioxide which reduces redness and enables the strongest possible bonding to the skin while remaining ultra gentle.

Our wax will easily lift out the finest hair to the strongest growth with virtually no redness to the skin. The wax is extremely pliable but strong enough to remove even the most stubborn hair.
The Difference between Hot Wax and Strip Wax:


Hot Wax is used for waxing the delicate parts of the body like bikini line, brazilian, face, underarms and eyebrow areas. This is where your skin is most sensitive.

Because the hot wax is quite thick in consistency and very flexible it allows the wax to get around all the bendy parts of the body easily.

You also do not need paper strips – as the hot wax is thick with a low melting point all you need to use are the wooden spatulas to apply the wax, wait a few seconds for it to set then quickly flick off with your hands.

Strip wax is recommended for less sensitive skin, for example - legs, arms, back, chest, and shoulders. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin and is then removed using our Superlace Paper Strips.
Some of the benefits of using Hot Wax:

Our Hot wax hair removal method has some great merits.
One of the benefits is not just getting rid of unwanted hair. But waxing also is brilliant for exfoliation.  It will remove dry and flaky skin to give a smooth, hair free result for several weeks.  In between waxing we recommend you regularly exfoliate with a body scrub like our Body Polish to keep dry and flaky skin at bay.
Exfoliation will keep your skin looking fresh and feeling smooth.
Secondly, waxing with Hot Wax is longer lasting than other hair removal methods such as shaving which can thicken the hair growth, and use of cold depilatories which are not particularly effective.
Thirdly, since the hair grows back with tapered ends, it does not feel prickly like shaving but much softer.
If you have waxed for a long time you will notice that your hair gets sparser and sparser the more you wax.  
Some quick Tips:

To get the optimum result from your home waxing session make sure you never wax the skin when it is wet or layered with cream or moisturizer. It will prevent wax adhering to the skin and so will not grab and remove onto the hair properly.
This is why the Pre Wax Preparation is probably the most important step you can do.
It will remove all oils, sweat and contamination from your skin and prepare the surface to properly take the wax.
How to use the Hot Wax Cubes:

Hot wax is spread thickly onto the skin and allowed to dry slightly before it is peeled away. This method pulls hair directly from the roots. The benefits include fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods.
First you need to heat the wax. When you first open your wax box you will notice the wax is cut into easy to use 4cm cubes. Empty the hot wax cubes into the wax pot and set the dial approximately 4 - 5. The wax will take approx 20-30 minutes to melt.
While you are waiting for the wax to melt clean the area to be waxed with Bodytreats Pre Wax Prep. Spray liberally all over.

This will get rid of any oil, sweat on the skin.  It will also prevent any bacteria entering the hair follicle and provide the optimum surface to let the wax adhere properly to the skin. This is an important step and one not to be missed if you want an optimum result.
The hot wax is ready when you dip the spatula into the wax pot and the wax does not run off. It should be a thick, even consistency. Once you have reached the correct temperature the wax is ready for use.   Try a test patch like the inside of your wrist before beginning to wax.
Our hot wax melts just above body temperature so it can be easily applied over the skin. As the wax hardens it traps the hair in the wax so it is removed by the roots when the wax is ripped off.
IMPORTANT:  If the wax is too hot it will be too thin and lose its flexibility.
This can make the wax snap and turn brittle so it is important to make sure the wax is at the correct temperature.
Spread the wax evenly approx 2mm to 3mm in thickness over the skin in the direction of the hair growth, leaving a thicker edge where the wax will be removed.
If you go against the hair it could lead to ingrown hairs.
 When the wax is semi- dry, use your hand / finger to press the wax firmly on the surface of the skin.
Support the skin and grasp the thicker edge of the wax, flick up slightly then remove quickly against the hair growth.
 It is better to flick the wax off quickly as this will grab more of the hairs and give a better result than if you take off too slowly.
After you have finished waxing apply Bodytreats After Wax Oil.
Spray the oil liberally all over to calm the skin.
The After Wax Oil will also clean up any sticky after wax residue.
The after wax oil contains Vitamin E which is healing and used as an anti oxidant. 
Once you have finished waxing your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and pampered to the touch.
ANOTHER QUICK TIP: If you have spilt wax onto the floor or benches we recommend using our citrus Wax Remover which will dissolve the wax so it is easy to clean up.
Hot Wax is a great way to keep your skin hair free for weeks at a time.
Our famous Bodytreats Hot Wax Cubes are easy to use, convenient to store, and will give you a Professional waxing result every time.

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Review : very good

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Review : Thank you very much xXx

Name : Susie S
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Review : They asked for a review and I am happy to provide. Product is excellent and works really well. Would not use anything else!

Name : Jane
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Review : these cubes are a great idea. no more breaking up wax with my hammer! plus it really does the job AAA+

Name : Melanie
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Review : I have been waxing for years & just bought this wax. Best I have used so far, plus love the box it came it. Will buy again

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Review : 1 week & love it bubblybabex91

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